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Glimpse the Glazes - Adults Glazing

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Classes: Every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Introduction: About glazes and clay

Glazes are given to the students in liquid form and can be used to give color/waterproof/decorate ceramic pots. Glazes make the rough surfaces of ceramic pots smooth, waterproof and glossy.

If you do not have your own pottery piece, there will be 2 ready pottery pieces included.

Tools provided:

Brushes set, palettes for mixing colors, Ceramic colors (glazes), a bowl of water, sponge, and turntable wheel.

The instructor will explain visually to the students:

1. Introduction about the different kinds of glaze and its purpose on Ceramic bodies.

2. The Techniques and methods used to create the glazes and results/effects

3. The Precautions and Defects /outcomes while glazing.

The students will work on the wheel with instructor's help.

More than just the finishing touch to your work, this session teaches various glazing applications and techniques. 

Session time: 2 Hours

Age: 14 years old and above

After the date of the class, Final Pieces will be ready in 3 weeks and can be collected up to 5 weeks maximum. Once the time exceeds the pieces that are not taken will be owned by MUD. 

Disclaimer: We have also Private Sessions, you can book your own private space by calling us at +974 3035 7801.