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Clay on Creative - Kids Hand Building

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Every Sunday (5pm-6pm)

Introduction: About clay and tools

  1. Different types and forms of clay
  2. Different types of Tools for using.

The instructor will explain visually to the students:

  1. Clay wedging
  2. How to join clay
  3. Hand Building Methods
  4. How to make the piece standing

The students will work on the wheel with instructor's help.

Does your child need a creative outlet? Clay is a tactile material that your kids would enjoy exploring. During this class, your child will experiment with a variety of hand-building techniques while also having fun. The flexible nature of clay allows children to expand their imagination and creativity while they use their fingers as tools.

Session time: 1 hour

Age: 5-14 years old 

 After the date of the class, Final Pieces will be ready in 3 weeks and can be collected up to 5 weeks maximum. Once the time exceeds the pieces that are not taken will be owned by MUD. 

Disclaimer: We have also Private Sessions, you can book your own private space by calling us at +974 3035 7801.